Unsettled (2019-18)

Unsettled (2019-18) – single channel experimental video art

Duration: 00:07:18. Original language: English. 

Subtitles: English

“Unsettled” is looking at the power relations between an individual and an institution. Through construction of surreal, almost claustrophobic imagery, the work examines the influence of economic, and political structures on shaping individual opinions on wealth and politics, on marking acceptable determinations and views, institutionalized knowledge, and indoctrination of the society.

The video starts with mocking advertising pitches suggesting to find you an approved, and registered opinion, voice, that is “safe” for you and your environment. The work gradually slides into a more meditative phase involving quotes from “Dialogues” by Gilles Deleuze on fixed social determinations.

“Unsettled” does not seek to create a fruitless duality of “us” people vs. “them” institutions, since the structures we live in are after all entirely human-made. The work is more of a contemplation on the subject of institutional power, including on how seductive, and at the same time corrosive and suppressive it can be.


2023 – Exploding Cinema+The Beehive Collective, Brisbane, Australia

2023 – Exploding Cinema+I K L E C T I K, London, UK

2023 – ToPikupKato, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curators: Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou

2022Black Cat Award International Film Festival Online Festival/Awards Event

2022 Art Film Awards – Online Monthly Competition Skopje Macedonia

2020 – Festival Miden Thessaloniki, Greece. Curators: Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou

Anna Grigorian is an experimental artist from Armenia, whose art practice is currently based between Canada and Armenia. With a background in sculpture, literature, and photography, her current chosen medium is moving image. Her video work revolves around socio political and economic problems, and examination of power relations, through mixing elements of theater, early cinema, and constructed surreal environments.