A Minibus at Peak Hours (Ծանրաբեռնված երթուղային) 2022

A Minibus at Peak Hours (Ծանրաբեռնված երթուղային) 2022

single channel experimental video art

Duration: 00:03:50. Original language: Armenian 

Subtitles: English, Armenian

առօրյա ավազի մեջ
կլանված մարգարիտներ

pearls sunk
in the sand of everyday

Trailer (contact the artist to see the full work)

A minibus at peak hours (Ծանրաբեռնված երթուղային) is a short experimental video-postcard sent from myself in Armenia to myself in Canada. Can something be found in transit, then lost when arriving at the place of destination?


2023  A Minibus at Peak Hours (Ծանրաբեռնված երթուղային) –  ZoomOut experimental art platform, Curator: Chantal Partamian. Online programming, May 2023 

Anna Grigorian is an experimental artist from Armenia, whose art practice is currently based between Canada and Armenia. With a background in sculpture, literature, and photography, her current chosen medium is moving image. Her video work revolves around socio political and economic problems, and examination of power relations, through mixing elements of theater, early cinema, and constructed surreal environments.