TMTT (2016)

“TMTT” (2016) – single channel experimental video art.

Duration: 00:02:51. Original language: English. Color, sound.

Keywords: repetition, deconstruction, distortion, meaning, language.

TMTT (2016) gradually deconstructs the meaning of a single sentence: “Tell me the truth” until it becomes almost impossible to listen and watch.

The word of the year in 2016, defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, is post-truth. With the idea of a universal truth shattered, the search for truth is no less persistent. Through TMTT I am trying to find out, if deconstruction can erase or reinforce the meaning, or if it gives space to some completely different ideas. Approach to repetition, deconstruction and distortion adopted by this piece is inspired by musical legacy of Stieve Reich, and that little game that I (and I guess many others as well) used to play when we were kids: repeat one word over and over, until the meaning is lost.

Anna Grigorian is an experimental artist from Armenia, whose art practice is currently based between Canada and Armenia. With a background in sculpture, literature, and photography, her current chosen medium is moving image. Her video work revolves around socio political and economic problems, and examination of power relations, through mixing elements of theater, early cinema, and constructed surreal environments.